Our team have been working together for many years, committed to providing high quality legal services. Our Lawyers stand out not only for their academic and professional adequacy, but also for their devotion to ethics and team practice.

Maria Gialama Short CV

Maria graduated in Law from the University of Thrace in 1997. She holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law (University of Athens - 1999). She has been fully qualified as a Lawyer since 1999.

Maria is a high-experienced litigation lawyer in civil law disputes.

She has a high-level expertise in family law and represents clients, Greeks or foreigners but connected with Greece, in cases in the field (i.e. divorce, custody and communication with children, claims for possessions during marriage, etc). She has lengthy experience in negotiations of complex and delicate family disputes resolution and also in litigation, as she has successfully represented clients in and out of court.

Maria, is thoroughly experienced in dealing with all civil law cases, especially with succession law (recognition or annulment of last wills, recognition of a person’ s share in inheritance etc) and General Principles of civil law (offence against personality etc)

She is also specializes in real estate transactions. She handles cases on the development, construction, purchase, sale and leasing of real estate assets in the commercial, retail, industrial, residential, leisure and tourism sectors.

Maria is also experienced in drafting and negotiating all types of commercial contracts, such as agency, distribution, franchising, leasing, supply contracts etc.

Contact Maria at maria.gialama@sglaw.gr

Nikos Savvidis Short CV

Nikos graduated in Law from the University of Thrace in 1996. He holds a Master’s Degree in Commercial Law (University of Athens -2000). He is fully qualified as a Lawyer in 1998.

Nikos is a high-experienced corporate legal counsel and litigation lawyer in business and public procurement law disputes.

He serves for a long time corporations and entities in business transformations (acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers, divestments etc), shareholding disputes, in commercial law, employment & labor law and in disputes regarding all aspects of construction and engineering law from the beginning of a project through its completion. He’s participated in a numerous negotiations on some big disputes settlements and commercial agreements.

Nikos has a high-level expertise in public procurement law and has dealt with numerous public procurement contracts, mainly in infrastructure and energy sector. He has also served clients representing contractors before administrative or state entities.

Nikos is currently not servicing as a Litigator, as he’s been appointed as a member of the Board of the Greek Authority for the Examination of Preliminary Appeals on Public Procurement Tenders (Greek Remedies Review Body-AEPP).

Contact Nikos at nikos.savvidis@sglaw.gr

Athanasia Theodoropoulou Short CV

Athanasia graduated in Law from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2009. She is fully qualified as a Lawyer since 2011.

Athanasia has a high-level expertise in cases of court and out of court debt settlements concerning housing and consumer loans, as well as credit cards and tax related debts. She is constantly being updated on the latest case law and changes in debt settlement ever changing legislation. She has successfully handled numerous cases in the field and has succeeded court and out of court debt relief in important cases. Furthermore, she is high-experienced in oppositions to payment orders and further disputes between borrowers and banking institutes.

She is also experienced in cases of civil litigation (i.e. leasing agreements and disputes, disputes from commercial transactions, family and inheritance law etc).

Contact Athanasia at athanasia.theodoropoulou@sglaw.gr

Evangelia Nioti Short CV

Evangelia graduated from the Law School of Athens in 2015. She is fully qualified as a Lawyer since 2018.

Evangelia has handled numerous cases concerning debt relief and has successfully represented clients regarding housing and consumer loans, as well as credit cards and tax related debts, in and out of court.

Evangelia is particularly experienced in all the areas of Greek Civil Law (i.e. real estate transactions, leasing agreements and disputes, family and inheritance law etc).

She is committed to keeping up-to-date with all relevant areas of the law, precedents, legal research and directives.

Evangelia has a high-level knowledge of the English language, which enables her to translate various legal documents, such as contracts, Power of Attorney etc. and is a certified Translator. Furthermore, she has adequate knowledge of the French language.

Contact Evangelia at evangelia.nioti@sglaw.gr

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